From woodturning to chess there is only one step, especially if the artist is also a player.
Le Chat Qui Tourne offers the creation of original chess pieces made in local woods.
Each piece is handcrafted which sometimes takes time to create a complete set.
If boxwood is often the preferred wood, certain species such as the olive tree can create a unique and original game.
Chess enthusiasts can use these games for training or competition.

Plane chess pieces.
Size 5 for competition, slightly leaded.
Height of the king about 90mm.
The knight is self-contained.
The plane tree wood has a fine gain and a nice texture

Large fantasy chess pieces in ash wood.
Project carried out for an outdoor children’s workshop

Regency queen in boxwood.
Command to complete an old game

For the end of 2020, new creations will be offered on the site.