Welcome at Le Chat Qui Tourne

Woodturned objects, handcrafted in the Cévennes Ardéchoises

The woodturning creations

Wooden pens and traditional objects for home or the game. Each object is unique with the desire to highlight the essence of wood that composes it. It is often the imagination of a new harmonious form that prevails.

Itinerant demonstrations

During craft markets or festive events, I travel to introduce people to woodturning. The children leave with a decorated spinning top on the lathe!

News and articles

On this page you will find information on events such as exhibitions, craft markets, artisans and various events in which the Chat Qui Tourne is present or that it wishes to highlight. There will also be many articles and links relating to the creation of turned objects, wood species, wild basketry, and many other things over the discoveries, …

Acquire or order an object

The contact page will allow you to reserve an object available in the Creations section, make a specific request such as the creation of an object with a piece of wood that you have set aside, or even book a demonstration with children or friends.

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