My woodturning workshop
and my journey to woodturning

My workshop is very small but I have been able to organize it over the years to make up for the lack of space. Like many amateur turners I started with a small bench lathe, then I invested later in a more powerful lathe with a few extra gouges.

My journey towards woodturning

After scientific studies and an international career in the industrial world, my desire to create around wood became clearer. While I am still in professional activity I have the chance in 2011 to be able to initiate myself in wood turning with Jean François Escoulen, best Craftsman of France.
In the following years I continued to improve my skills at the Escoulen school at Aiguines, with renowned art turners such as Eli Avisera or Yan Marot, whose creative approach I appreciated.
In 2019 I adopt the micro-enterprise status in order to be able to exhibit and sell my creations.

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