Themed pens available

ST20-03 Phoenix olive brass

Majestic and massive, it is fitted with an antique brass frame adorned with an amber crystal. Here the olive wood is sublimated. Parker® type cartridge. The rotation of the base of the pen allows to take out the writing tip.


ST20-04 Phoenix olive pewter

Identical to ST20-03 with an antique pewter frame.


ST20-05 Médiéval ash root

Adorned with ash root in a creamy tone, this knight mount in antique brass will delight the medievalists. The rotation of the helmet allows the Parker® writing tip to be removed.


ST20-06 Médiéval juniper

Identical to ST20-05 but in juniper wood cade from the Cévennes hills with here the moire effect of its red veins with a spicy odor.


ST20-09 Médiéval checkered

Wild plum and country maple share this medieval setting in antique pewter. A must for a chess player. Parker® type cartridge.


ST19-08 Fly fishing thuja root SOLD ON

For the fly fisherman with his rod, reel and trout. Antique brass frame.

ST20-20 Phoenix yew wood

Similar to ST20-03


ST20-23 Dragon antique pewter in juniper

With its magnificent frame in antique pewter and its tiger eye, this large model is made of juniper wood. A pen that would have enchanted Daenerys, Mother of Dragons!


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